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  1. Leone TrueEB avatar

    I am appealing to Management to provide the means for Eric to headline his own shows with his full band. He is an excellent artist and deserves the best! His new and past albums are awesome!!! When will Eric get the attention he has earned? He is one of the hardest working persons in RnB! Please grant him the necessary publicity, exposure, and band to support his tours! I love his...

  2. Patrina Michelle avatar

    The Cotton Club is very strict about no photography or videoing during the performances. But, thankfully, they have some excellent photographers and videographers. Here is a link t the Cotton Club photo album: The show was as amazing as the photos look!!

  3. Eric Benet avatar

    Hello fam! I can't wait to hit the road with Marsha Ambrosius next month and meet YOU before each show. Upgrade to my VIP experience right now: Your text to link here...

  4. Patrina Michelle avatar

    For those attending the M.E. Tour, you know you can't get Eric's VIP upgrade via TicketMaster - you have to actually go to his website: . So, to help spread the word about the upgrades, please post to your social media outlets - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It's especially great to post in the cities in which you live. You can also let local media outlets know about...

  5. Patrina Michelle avatar

    Upcoming Tour with M.A. Details Great news, fam! This tour is going to be a full band tour. Marsha and Eric may share a band - so we may not get to see our other favorite guys. But, there will be LIVE musicians!!! Also, Terry says the set is definitely going to change. It will, of course, include the standards. But there will be some new elements to the show. Eric's set will be about an...

  6. emi avatar

    Thank you and Welcome back Eric Benet to Japan! It's a super sunny day in middle February. Eric Benet 11th tour in Japan started and it's off chain! He appeared with his band and sang off to not just Tokyo fans but fans from all area in Japan(I talked a man from Hokkaido and Kumamoto) and all of the world like America ofcourse and Russia, Korea, China, Europe etc... He actually brought...

  7. DRCOPELA avatar

    So excited to be going to Chicago this weekend to celebrate my Anniversary! Me and the hubby have been together 25 years! Whew...seems like a lifetime! We both have always been lovers of "GOOD" music! Good ol R&B music! And we agree wholeheartedly, that Mr. Eric Benet is one of the best that's EVER done it! When I first fell in love with EB's hubby thought I loved it because, let's...

  8. GarnetSEB avatar

    Hello, my beauties. Greetings and salutaions from H-Town. Last week I got to hang out w/ my girl, Rosetta Ross, as attended the Just The Truth Super Bowl Dance Party and Aids Benefit. (Whew! Ain't that a mouthful?) celebrities from various genres were present, Lisa Raye, Cynthia Bailey, Ray Lewis, Stephen A. Smith, etc. The hor d'oevures were delicious, the drinks free flowing but the...

  9. Patrina Michelle avatar

    So proud of EB for his induction into the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Hall of Fame! Event is April 23rd and tickets on sale this Friday, February 3rd at For long-time fans, this is super exciting because we love it when EB receives well-deserved recognition like this. All fans should buy a ticket in support of Eric's induction - even if you can't make it to the event.

  10. Patrina Michelle avatar

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